The War, Veterans Day, and Uncle Donald

Ken Burns is a master at utilizing A People-Centered Approach to History® to stimulate people to do good, which is the goal we are also striving to attain with the Family Forest® Project.

After watching his excellent program on PBS called The War , Kristine was motivated to do further research about her Uncle Donald.

Lieutenant Donald Hays Spangler


Like many other young men and women in The War, Lieutenant Donald Hays Spangler was one of those who went off to serve his country, and never returned.


Kristine’s Uncle Donald, one of her father’s two brothers, was appointed midshipman at the US Naval Academy on July 8, 1938. After but a very brief naval career, he was killed in action on the USS Atlanta off Savo Island at Iron Bottom Sound, Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands on November 13, 1942.


His memory was perpetuated when the USS Spangler (DE-696) was named for him, and Kristine’s paternal grandmother, Myrtle Elizabeth (Blue) Spangler, was the person who christened the ship when it was launched.


Lieutenant Donald Hays Spangler’s memory now lives on in several other places on the Internet, as the niece he never knew has discovered, and is hereby passing on to her nieces, nephews, and cousins in this Veterans Day tribute.


Veterans Day

5 thoughts on “The War, Veterans Day, and Uncle Donald”

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to pop in real quick and thank you for stopping by my blog! This was a nice tribute for Veterans day…I’m ashamed to admit I let the holiday go by without acknowledging it. 🙁 Well, I’m off to read some more of your blog!

  2. My 2nd great grandmother was a Spangler married to Joseph Sweazey. They originally form the Carolinas and some from Pennsylvania. They moved to Indiana sometime after the war of 1812. I think there maybe some Spangler in that area. I am fairly new to genealogy. My Rosanna Spangler died young leaving 3 daughters.

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