Golden Globe

From a Family Forest perspective, watching the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards recently was both fun and frustrating.

In general, it was fun seeing so many famous people being recognized for their mastery of their crafts, and it was fun viewing so many teasers of great productions.

From a Family Forest perspective, it was fun looking for the attendees, presenters, and honorees who are already lineage-linked into the Family Forest. Some of them who appeared on stage were Nicolas Cage, Sophia Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Sarah Ferguson, and the recipient of the lifetime achievement award, Michael Douglas.

Tens of millions of people share ancestors from as recently as the 1600’s with these famous celebrities, and I believe most of those cousins would be truly delighted to discover their own family ties to these celebrities. That’s the frustrating part for me. Why am I having so much difficulty getting people to consider the possibility that this is true?

So far, no one I’ve corresponded with and/or spoken to at A&E Networks, Discovery Communications, Disney, Warner Brothers, and a number of other Hollywood entertainment companies seems to believe that it is even possible that 1) they own programming and/or movies that portray the actual ancestors of many tens of millions of living people, and 2) tens of millions of living people share early American ancestors with a number of Hollywood celebrities.

Knowing they’ll eventually wake up at some point, I returned to growing the Family Forest so that the ancestral connection points move generations closer to the huge audiences that have personal family ties to Hollywood programming and movies.

One of the first people I looked at in the Family Forest World Record Edition (WRE) was a presenter at the Golden Globes, Sarah Ferguson. Although the WRE can fill in more than 3,940,650 boxes on her 40-generation ancestor chart, I spotted several of her ancestral dead ends that I could quickly extend.

In less than three hours I was able to make connections that will fill in millions of additional boxes on her ancestor chart when the next Family Forest edition is released.

While I was extending many of Sarah Ferguson’s ancestral pathways many centuries, I simultaneously filled in more than 3,887,975 boxes on the ancestor charts of her two nephews, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Which major media is going to be the first to either acknowledge these incredible claims, or try to prove us wrong?