Key Largo

The Turner Classic Movie presentation of Key Largo was perfect timing, and not just because of all of the present hurricane focus. I had just finished creating a number of Kinship Reports of Hollywood personalities from the Family Forest World Record Edition for the new Family Forest Hollywood Relations CD, and along came a movie that has three of its key characters within the Family Forest.

I receive addition enjoyment from movies like Key Largo when I can look at a map of ancestral pathways that shows that, according to recorded history, I share ancestors with one or more of the actors. Many millions of people share 1600’s ancestors with past and present Hollywood icons, and I am certain they will also receive this addition enjoyment when they discover their own connections to the stars.

The Hollywood icon with one of the best Kinship Reports in the Family Forest Hollywood Relations CD is Humphrey Bogart. Below are illustrations of how interconnected family ties actually are within a four or five century time frame.

Some of the interesting relationships of Humphrey Bogart are:

6th cousin once removed of President Warren G. Harding.
6th cousin twice removed of Major-General George B. McClellan.
6th cousin 4 times removed of Phineas Taylor “P.T.” Barnum.
7th cousin once removed of President Millard Fillmore.
7th cousin twice removed of Louisa May Alcott.
7th cousin twice removed of General Abner Doubleday.
8th cousin twice removed of Lucille Ball.
8th cousin twice removed of President Grover Cleveland.
8th cousin twice removed of Wilbur and Orville Wright.
9th cousin of Bing Crosby.
9th cousin once removed of Johnny Carson.
9th cousin once removed of Hugh Hefner.
9th cousin once removed of Peter Fonda.
10th cousin of Anthony Perkins.
10th cousin of Pete Seeger.
10th cousin once removed of President George Herbert Walker Bush.
10th cousin twice removed of President George Walker Bush.
10th cousin twice removed of President Ulysses S. Grant.
12th cousin 12 times removed of Anne Boleyn.
13th cousin 7 times removed of President George Washington.

Some of the numerous Family Forest surnames that belong to Humphrey Bogart’s cousins in his Kinship Report include:

Abbott, Adams, Alcott, Alden, Aldrich, Alexander, Allen, Andrews, Armington, Arnold, Ashley, Avery, Babcock, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Bakewell, Balch, Baldwin, Ball, Bancroft, Barclay, Barker, Barnard, Barnes, Barnewell, Barney, Barstow, Bartlett, Bassett, Batcheller, Bates, Batte, Baxter, Bayly, Beal, Bearce, Bell, Benedict, Bennett, Berkeley, Bernard, Bertie, Bicknell, Bierce, Billings, Bingham, Blakistone, Blatchford, Blount, Bolles, Bond, Booth, Boothe, Bosworth, Bothe, Bourchier, Bourne, Bowen, Boyd, Boyden, Boyle, Bradbury, Bradford, Bradstreet, Brandon, Breed, Brent, Brereton, Brewster, Brooke, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Bruen, Bruges, Buell, Bulkeley, Bullitt, Burdg, Burgh, Burlingame, Burnham, Burrough, Burroughs, Bush, Bushnell, Butler, Butterfield, Cabot, Caldwell, Camp, Campbell, Capell, Capron, Carey, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carson, Carter, Catlin, Cavendish, Cecil, Chandler, Chapman, Cheever, Chesebrough, Chester, Chipman, Church, Churchill, Claiborne, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Cleveland, Clifford, Clifton, Clinton, Cobb, Codman, Cogswell, Coit, Cole, Collins, Coney, Constable, Conway, Conyers, Cook, Cooke, Coot, Cope, Corbet, Cornwallis, Cotton, Cowles, Cox, Cotymore, Cranston, Crary, Crichton, Crocker, Crosby, Culpeper, Cummings, Cunningham, Curtis, Curzon, Cushman, Dacre, Danby, Dandridge, Daniels, Danvers, Darcy, Davis, Dean, Delafield, Deming, Denison, Denny, Derby, de Vere, Devereux, Dewey, Digby, Diggs, Disney, Dodge, Doubleday, Douglas, Drummond, Drury, Dudley, Dundas, Dunham, Dunlop, Dutcher, Eastman, Eddy, Edson, Edwards, Egerton, Eldredge, Ely, Emerson, Emery, Epes, Eppes, Erskine, Eure, Everett, Fairfax, Fallows, Fane, Farnese, Farnsworth, Farnham, Farwell, Fenwick, Field, Fienes, Fiennes, Fillmore, Fiske, Fitzalen, Fitzgerald, Flagg, Fleet, Fleete, Fleetwood, Fleming, Foliot, Folliott, Folsom, Fonda, Forbes, Ford, Forster, Foster, Fowler, Freeman, Frink, Fuller, Fulton, Gallup, Galpin, Gascoigne, Gaylord, Geer, Gifford, Goodrich, Gordon, Gore, Gorges, Gorham, Gould, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Gregory, Greville, Grey, Griffith, Griswold, Hale, Hall, Hallett, Hamilton, Harding, Harlakenden, Harris, Haskins, Hastings, Hawley, Hay, Hefner, Henderson, Hepbron, Hepburn, Hersey, Hewitt, Hickok, Hickox, Hills, Hobart, Hodgkins, Holland, Hollister, Holmes, Holt, Home, Hook, Hooker, Hopkins, Hopton, Houghton, Howard, Howe, Howland, Hudson, Hull, Humphrey, Hungerford, Hunt, Huntington, Hurd, Hussey, Hutchinson, Hyde, Innes, Isham, Jackson, Jenks, Johnson, Jones, Judd, Keeler, Heith, Kellogg, Kennedy, Kent, Ker, Kerr, Ketchum, Kimball, King, Kinney, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kitchel, Kitchell, Knapp, Knight, Knowles, Knyvet, Knyvett, Ladd, Laflin, Lambart, Lanier, Leach, Lee, Leete, Leffingwell, Leigh, Le Scrope, Lewis, Lincoln, Lindsay, Little, Livingston, Lloyd, Logan, Loomis, Lothrop, Lovel, Low, Lowe, Ludlow, Lugg, Luttrell, Lygon, Lyman, Lyon, MacKenzie, Macomber, Macy, Mallory, Manners, Marbury, Marvin, Maule, Maverick, Maxwell, May, Mayhew, McCall, McClellan, McClung, McCormick, McIntosh, Medbery, Meriwether, Merrick, Mills, Miner, Minor, Molesworth, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Mordaunt, Morgan, Morse, Muirhead, Murray, Nelson, Nevill, Neville, Newberry, Newcomb, Newell, Niles, Noel, Norris, North, Norton, Noyes, Ogle, Oliphant, Otis, Oxenbridge, Page, Paget, Paine, Palmer, Park, Parke, Parker, Parks, Parr, Parsons, Paston, Patterson, Paulet, Payne, Peabody, Peck, Pelham, Pendleton, Percy, Perkins, Peters, Petre, Pettibone, Peyton, Phelps, Philbrick, Pierce, Pierrepont, Pillsbury, Pitkin, Pole, Pollock, Pond, Ponsonby, Poole, Porter, Powers, Pratt, Puglsey, Purmort, Quincy, Randolph, Ratcliffe, Rawdon, Reade, Remington, Reynolds, Rice, Rich, Roberts, Robertson, Rogers, Rowe, Rowley, Ruggles, Russell, Ruthven, Sackville, Saltonstall, Sanborn, Sandford, Sandys, Sargent, Savage, Scott, Searle, Seeger, Seton, Seymour, Shaffer, Shallcross, Shaw, Sheldon, Sherman, Sherwood, Shipman, Shute, Sinclair, Skipwith, Smith, Snell, Snow, Somerset, Somerville, Soule, Southard, Southworth, Spencer, Spotswood, Spottswood, Sprecher, Stafford, Stanley, Stanton, Stapleton, Starr, Steele, Stevens, Stewart, St. George, Stinson, St. John, St. Leger, Stoddard, Stone, Strong, Stuart, Sturgis, Sullivan, Swift, Sydney, Symonds, Taintor, Talbot, Talcott, Tallmadge, Tallmon, Taylor, Tempest, Tennant, Thacher, Thompson, Throckmorton, Thwing, Tichborne, Tilghman, Tobey, Torrey, Tower, Towne, Tracy, Tredwell, Trowbridge, Tryon, Tucker, Tyrrell, Vernon, Villiers, Vincent, Wadhams, Wakefield, Waldegrave, Waldo, Wales, Walker, Waller, Walton, Warburton, Ward, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Washington, Waterman, Watkins, Watrous, Watson, Wattles, Webb, Webster, Weld, Welles, Wells, Wentworth, West, Wharton, Wheeler, Whitcomb, White, Whiting, Whitney, Whittingham, Wiggin, Willard, Willcox, Williams, Willis, Willoughby, Wilson, Windsor, Wingfield, Winslow, Wise, Witter, Wood, Woodbridge, Woodbury, Woodhouse, Woodhull, Woodward, Worth, Wotton, Wright, Wriothesley, Wrisley, Wroth, Wyatt, Wyche, Wyer, Wyllys, Wyndham, and Young.