The Perfect Storm

At the beginning of the movie, we are shown some of the names of the 10,000 Gloucester, MA mariners who were lost at sea since 1623. Naturally, I wondered how many of them I have already entered into the American & European Family Forest.

As soon as we arrived home I did a search in Place Contains for “gloucester ma” (without the quotes and without the comma after gloucester).

As I was scrolling through the long match list, I came to Susanna Warner. She lived in Gloucester two and a half centuries ago, and she kept a boarding house at the harbor. I wondered how similar, and how different, her life was compared to the woman who kept the boarding house in the movie. Except for high tech weather monitoring and almost instantaneous news via the television, I’ll bet the similarities out-weighed the differences.

As she bid farewell to some mariners who would never return, could she have possibly imagined that someone would be talking about her 250 years into the future?

What would she have thought if she could have known that one of her 4th great-grand-nephews was going to become Vice President of the United States (Charles Dawes), or for that matter, that there would even be a United States?

Other unique attributes of the one specific spot her life occupied in the unfolding of history include being a 2nd cousin twice removed of President John “The Signer”Adams, and a 2nd cousin three times removed of President John Quincy Adams.

Even if your life doesn’t seem like it could ever be of major historical importance, 250 years from now someone just might be talking about the one specific spot your life occupied in the unfolding of history.

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