Twice In One Day

Occasionally, certain individuals I enter into Family Forests are particularly memorable because they trigger a vivid personal memory, and because they also add value to that memory.

Early this morning, Colonel John Thomas Lewis Preston became one of those individuals.

In January 1995 we spent a few days in Lexington, VA attending the funeral of one of Kristine’s friends. It was a solemn and reflective time, and a couple of things made memorable impressions.

Second in impressiveness only to the genuine warmth and gracious Southern hospitality of its people is the sense of heritage and history that permeates Lexington. The Virginia Military Institute, or V.M.I., is a large part of Lexington’s heritage and history. It was founded in 1839 by Colonel John Thomas Lewis Preston, who in April 1861 marched with the corps of cadets for Richmond.

As I entered information about the Colonel and his relatives from the surrounding area, I lingered on thoughts of cadets marching off to war from Lexington, and of my memories of being there one winter almost a century and a half later.

But what I find amazingly coincidental, and the catalyst for this log entry, was what happened just a couple of hours later. Here on an island in the middle of the Pacific, a half a world away from Lexington, VA, in a conversation with some new friends, they mentioned that they are about to go visit the Virginia Military Institute for an alumni event.

What a surprising and interconnected world we live in!

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