Could It Ever Happen Again?

If this story is really true, the odds of it ever happening again are probably about as good as winning the lottery three weeks in a row.

According to a great genealogy book from 1858 (one that appears to have been well-researched and a real labor of love), there was a fellow in New England who married and had a family of eight children. After being married for more than forty years, his wife died.

He then married a second time, at the age of 64, and had another family of eight children.

Having “eight children born after the father had passed his sixty-fifth year” or “the youngest born in his 79th year” or having “twelve or more great-grandchildren who were older than some of his children” is certainly unusual, but more unlikely things have happened and will happen again.

However, what is said to have happened on April 27, 1806 seems impossible to ever have happen again.

According to this 1858 book, on that day his daughter Susanna (fourth child by his second wife) was born. Also, his granddaughter Paulina (daughter of Mary, youngest child by his first wife) was born. Also, an unnamed great-grandchild was born. The same Dr. Hart and his women assistants were said to have attended all three births.

What would the odds actually be of someone having a daughter, a granddaughter, and a great-grandchild all born on the same day?

Some of the surnames of descendants of this statistically unique person in the Founders & Patriots Family Forest include: Brown, Bucknam, Call, Cummings, Day, Green, Larabee, Oakes, Richardson, Rogers, Tuck, Vinton, White, and Williams.

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