Warren, Richard

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Warren, Richard (Mayflower Pilgrim) 11,556 different people, over 9,038 source notations, 1156 pages, printable, $26.95.

2009, New 4th Edition! Created by the Family Forest® National Treasure Edition.

This is the Richard Warren who came to America in the “Mayflower.”

Some well-known descendants in this book include Orson Welles, US Presidents U. S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Mercy Bump (wife of General Tom Thumb), Henrietta Chamberlain (wife of the founder of the King Ranch of Texas), Joanne Woodward, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Julia Child.

His other numerous Family Forest descendants had surnames, in addition to Warren, that include Adams, Alden, Allen, Andrews, Arnold, Atherton, Atwood, Avery, Baldwin, Bancroft, Barker, Barnaby, Barnes, Barrett, Bartlett, Bass, Bassett, Beals, Benedict, Bennett, Billings, Blessing, Bliss, Boyd, Boykin, Bradford, Brewster, Brown, Bryan, Bumpas, Bush, Butler, Cadman, Campbell, Carr, Cass, Chaffee, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chipman, Church, Churchill, Clapp, Clough, Coggswell, Cone, Cook, Cooper, Cotton, Cottrell, Cranston, Crocker, Cushman, Cutler, Davis, Delano, Dennis, De Wolf, Dickinson, Dodge, Doubleday, Drew, Dunbar, Dunham, Eames, Earle, Eaton, Ellis, Ely, Fairbanks, Fales, Felt, Finney, Fiske, Fitch, Ford, Forest, Gardner, Gibbons, Gibbs, Goodenough, Goodwin, Gorton, Grant, Gray, Greene, Griffith, Grinnell, Griswold, Hammond, Harlow, Harris, Hart, Haskell, Haswell, Hatch, Hathaway, Head, Hedge, Henshaw, Hill, Hobart, Holman, Holmes, Horning, Houghton, Howe, Howes, Hoxie, Hunter, Huntington, Hussey, Ingalls, Isham, Jacobs, Jones, Keen, Kilgore, King, Knight, Lathrop, Law, Leavitt, LeBaron, Leonard, Lincoln, Lippincott, Litchfield, Little, Luce, Lunt, Maddock, Manchester, Mason, Maynard, McClure, Mills, Mitchell, Mix, Mock, Monroe, Montague, Moore, Morey, Morse, Morton, Mosher, Munro, Munroe, Nelson, Newcomb, Newhall, Noble, Norris, Norton, Noyes, Nye, Oakes, Orcutt, O’Reilly, Otis, Palmer, Parsons, Partridge, Peck, Perkins, Perry, Pitts, Pratt, Prince, Quincy, Ralston, Ranney, Reynolds, Rice, Richmond, Rider, Ridgely, Rockwell, Roosevelt, Sampson, Sanford, Sargent, Sawyer, Sears, Selden, Semmes, Sever, Sherman, Sibley, Simmons, Sisson, Skiffe, Smith, Southworth, Spaulding, Spelman, Spence, Spencer, Spooner, Sprague, Stanton, Starbird, Steele, Stephens, Stone, Sturtevant, Sweet, Sweetser, Swift, Sylvester, Taber, Thatcher, Thaxter, Thomas, Thompson, Throop, Tilden, Tower, Tucker, Vaughn, Wade, Wadsworth, Waite, Ward, Washburn, Waterman, Weeden, Weis, West, Wheaton, Wheeler, White, Wilcox, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Winslow, Whipple, Wood, Woodward, Yarborough, Young, and many others.