Family Forest® Ancestral ebooks

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Each e-book Includes: Introductory pages and a very detailed index.

Each Family Forest eBook is a response to a single question. The answer is generated by the Family Forest® National Treasure Edition, presented in Adobe Acrobat format, and searchable via Adobe Acrobat search tools.

The people listed below in the different titles either came to America early, or had multiple children and/or grandchildren who came to America early. These eBooks show all of the people in the Family Forest who are believed, according to recorded history, to be descended from that person, plus all of the people in the Family Forest who married a descendant of that person.

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Verifiable Sources of Recorded History

Our Family Forest® Project is an on-going project of our best efforts to digitally connect the dots of recorded history, in a lineage-linked format, according to our interpretation of where the experts say they should be connected. Each statement and connection is accompanied by a source location so that you can judge the validity of each statement and connection for yourself.

These unique resources can be your digital tour guides to a vast wealth of fascinating paper-based ancestral history. Enjoy your ancestral history odyssey!

While we continue to convert our old site over to the new one a more complete list of these Genealogy Ancestral ebooks are available to purchase at Family Forest® eBooks

Bruce H. Harrison