The A-Maze-ing Tour

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The challenge of this tour is to travel within the Family Forest National Treasure Edition from a specific starting point (person) to a specific destination (person), traveling only through family ties (birth, marriage, and occasionally adoption).

Some of these mazes span continents and more than 2000 years. They contain numerous twists and turns, and many have multiple paths that lead to the same destination. As with traditional mazes, you will frequently reach dead ends that require you to back up and try alternate paths (use the History tool).

Once you begin at a specific starting point (person), you will have three methods available to navigate through the maze. Primarily you will be using only two; the Ancestor Chart and the Descendant Chart.

Occasionally, to get started, you may need to use the Find Relatives tool, since every person who appears on the Match List of a Find Relatives search can be reached through family ties. (This tool is oftentimes impractical, since so many people in the Family Forest are connected to so many tens of thousands of relatives.)

Here are a dozen mazes you can try (all can be done, but the level of difficulty varies):

Brooke Shields to Lady Godiva
Michael Douglas to El Cid
President Kennedy to Marilyn Monroe
Katharine Hepburn to Cleopatra
The King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley) to King Lear
The Marx Brothers to the Apostle Paul
General Patton to Julius Caesar
Tarzan (search in Facts: Contains for Tarzan) to Odin, founder of Scandinavia
Woody Allen to Lief Ericson
Henry Ford to Thomas Edison
Drew Barrymore to Marie Antoinette
Princess Grace to Clara Barton

1) Open Progeny Family Explorer 5.0.

2) Locate the starting person (see Search Tips in FF Info section for how-to suggestions).

3) Use any or all of the three tools named in paragraphs three and four above to try to find one or more paths to the destination person.

4) If you can’t find a path through a particular maze, e-mail us at for a solution.