Family Forest® National Treasure Edition

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It will inspire you and stimulate your interest in your own ancestral heritage.

connecting everyday people to each other and to many famous individuals

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It’s the best digital source for fully documented generation-by-generation ancestral pathways connecting everyday people to each other and to many famous individuals. See countless views of history, experience a captivating one-of-kind journey and see what has not ever been seen before. See this illustrated here in this short YouTube video.

The Family Forest® Project is about the quality of information and the efforts of MPC multiplying the efforts of hundreds of the best people in the field over the centuries.

The Family Forest ® National Treasure Edition maps out more of the early ancestral pathways for at least two billion living people than they can see anywhere else.

Is it for you?

Who are you and why are you here? The answer may be in your ancestry.

Are you descended from kings and queens? Probably.

You’re one small branch among many, of a family tree that’s hundreds and hundreds of years old. And if you follow the branches back in time to the main trunk, you’ll see even more branches going off in all directions, connecting you with people you never knew belonged. These branches exist whether you know their names or not. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

Because some of civilization’s oldest writings are genealogy, and because the royal bloodlines were most important, the births, marriages and deaths of royal families were carefully recorded and preserved. These bloodlines can be traced down through hundreds of generations to people walking the earth today—including presidents and war heroes, movie stars, great inventors, famous artists, musicians and makers of history. Quite possibly including you.

Discover the secret to your place in history with the Family Forest system:

  • real, authenticated references
  • quick and easy chart-makers
  • vast, searchable database

Who will enjoy the Family Forest?

  • Parent and Grandparents
    Families and individuals interested in their heritage and ancestral roots. Households wanting to make a valuable historic research resource available to all the family.
  • Educational: Homeschoolers, Teachers, Librarians, Genealogists, Students
    Students seeking a unique edge in researching for projects and term papers. Teachers seeking to provide added strength and interest in lesson plans. Librarians wishing to expand the quality and depth of their reference resources.
  • Historians and Researchers
    Based on extensive searches of verifiable, recorded history the Family Forest® represents the fastest and most accurate tool for researching ancestral history. Built upon fully sourced professional research and recorded knowledge, instead of unsourced information from untrained and unsupervised volunteers.
  • Hollywood: Actors, Writers, Producers, Movie Enthusiasts, Celebrity fans
    Connects audiences through family ties to actors and characters in a wealth of Hollywood content, past, present and future.
  • Tourism & Travel: Travel Planners: ancestral travel
  • Genealogy and Ancestral history buffs


  • Leads to parts of your ancestry that could cost thousands to trace manually.
  • Inspirational discoveries into your ancestry and educational journeys through history for all the family.
  • Discover your family’s connections to Hollywood stars, royalty and nobility, gateway ancestors, the Civil War, the American Revolution and many more.
  • Instant point-and-click exploration of the ancestral pathways leading to and from a variety of places, events, and groups of people.
  • The best “tour guide” service to many centuries of professionally recorded paper based ancestral history (fully cited).

Best digital central source for generation-by-generation family ties leading to and from:

Most major eastern US cities and states
Most major UK and European cities and countries
Ancient Rome
Cast and characters in Hollywood movies
People on nightly television
Key people in classroom history books
The White House – Past and Present
The 2008 Presidential Election
The Bible
The Holy Land
The Da Vinci Code
The Boston Tea Party
The Alamo
Alumni of Harvard and Yale Colleges
State Governors
The US Congress
The American Revolution
The American Civil War
The British Royal Family
Royal and Noble ancestors
The Mayflower
Jamestown, VA
Daughters of the American Revolution
Hereditary Societies
And others