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For immediate release – Kamuela, Hawaii February 16, 2016

The Family Forest® outline report of Sir Thomas Fiennes is available today in PDF format from Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. (MPC) for under $10.

A Family Forest® outline report is a streamlined chronological view of the births and marriages of the descendants of a person, perhaps with his or her spouse(s), usually for four or five centuries.

A Family Forest® outline report provides a wealth of assembled genealogical knowledge at a bargain basement price.

The reason Family Forest® outline report are available at only a small fraction of the price of Family Forest® eBooks is because of the four following items that are not included in these overviews.

  • A) Sources. Behind the scenes of an outline report is a source citation in the Family Forest® for each connection and date, source citations are one of the most valuable attributes of the Family Forest®.

  • B) Places. Any places that are attached to any of these dates in the Family Forest® are omitted in this report.

  • C) Facts. Any colorful details about a person’s life are not shown in the outline report.

  • D) Alternate dates. Recorded history if full of different dates for the same person, only primary dates appear in an outline report.

    • More About Sir Thomas Fiennes, including his connection to Wyatt Earp can be seen at Fast Forward To Tombstone Arizona.

      As a valuable supplement to this outline report, a Family Forest® Ancestors-at-a-Glance™ fan chart is available for just $2.99 here that graphically displays 237 of Sir Thomas Fiennes’ Ancestors, including Longshanks from Braveheart, over about a three century timespan.

      Details about these and other edutaining Family Forest® offerings can be found on MPC’s website at

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