Peanuts and Smiles
February 18, 2000

Last weekend I was exploring the valuable resources of the Maryland Historical Society Library and I found some exciting articles from the early 1900's by J. Hall Pleasants in the Virginia Historical Magazine. They were about a number of my own Gorsuch and Lovelace ancestors, and they made me smile. It seems I always smile when I find recorded history about my own ancestors.

I wonder if J. Hall Pleasants ever realized that what he was doing would deliver smiles to people a century into the future?

Later that weekend, I was watching several of the tribute programs showcasing the life and accomplishments of Peanuts creator Charles "Sparky" Schultz. If there were a way to count them, it is quite probable that he would hold the record for delivering the most smiles. How many centuries from now will Sparky still be delivering smiles to people?

As I peck away at my keyboard on this mountainside in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it's nice to think that maybe something that I entered into the A&E Family Forest today might deliver a smile to someone's face centuries from now.

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