Britney Spears and a Pivotal Moment at Jamestown

I just came across an interesting entry in a lineage book of the National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars (NSDCW). It said that Richard Pace “PREVENTED THE ENTIRE COLONY OF JAMESTOWN FROM BEING ELIMINATED BY WARNING AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE OF THE INDIAN MASSACRE OF 22 MAR 1622.”


According to the ancestral history already digitally mapped out in the Family Forest®, Richard Pace is one of the 11th great-grandfathers of Britney Spears (Britney is another distant cousin of mine, through our Briquebec Castle ancestor).


According to recorded history, Richard Pace was warned of the impending massacre by the Indian who was assigned to kill Richard.


Richard used this knowledge to save the lives of people who became the ancestors of countless millions of people living today. Among the immediate beneficiaries of this warning was at least one of my own ancestors.


Also according to the ancestral history already digitally mapped out in the Family Forest®, Peter Montague, arrived in Jamestown in 1621. I am descended from Peter’s son, also named Peter, who was born in the 1630’s.


If Richard Pace had not survived his planned assassination and gone on to warn the Jamestown Colony, if Peter Montague had not survived the Indian massacre, if one of my 8th great-grandfathers had never been born, would I have never been born? Or would I have been born as someone else?


History pivots on small events. If one Indian had not disobeyed his Chief , there would be no Family Forest® today, and maybe no Britney Spears (her 10th great-grandfather George Pace was born well before the massacre, and may or may not have been at Jamestown at the time).


Bruce Harrison

Ancestral History Tour Guide and Cartographer



One Million in Four Centuries

There is a rule of thumb I use when estimating the number of descendants a person in the distant past may have today. It is based on a claim from The Mayflower Society which I have seen over the years.

It has been estimated that there are between 30 and 35 million living descendants from the 26 Mayflower families that left descendants. This would mean that on average, someone who lived four centuries ago could have between 1.15 and 1.34 million descendants today.

My rule of thumb for estimating is that one couple can have one million living descendants four centuries later. The patterns of human genetic migrations I see in the Family Forest® indicate that this number could be correct, and if not, one more century would certainly make it so.

If a couple who lived at the time of the Mayflower Pilgrims can have one million living descendants today, how many living descendants might there be today from a couple who lived four centuries before the Mayflower Pilgrims? Or eight centuries before the Mayflower Pilgrims?

What about four centuries into the future? Could it be possible that you will be an ancestor of one million people living in the 25th century?

Does anyone know of any reason why this one-million-in-four-centuries rule of thumb may be incorrect?

Paris Hilton’s Prison Genes?

Can genetics be a factor in the likelihood of doing jail time?

I ran an abbreviated (only ten generations) Family Forest® kinship report of Paris Hilton and noticed several people in the report who also found themselves in a similar situation to the one Paris is in today.

One of the more famous ones of today is actress and celebrity Sari “Zsa Zsa” Gabor , who also received much media attention in 1989 when she went to jail for her altercation with a Beverly Hills police officer.

Another relative from today is radio talk show host G. Gordon Liddy, who had an illustrious FBI and public service career before going to prison for his role in Watergate.

From earlier times, Colonel Samuel Waples fought at the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown and spent time in prison in the American Revolution. He later received land from President Jefferson for his gallantry.

And there is another officer, a recognized hero, who shows up on the Family Forest® kinship report of Paris Hilton. General Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee graduated from Princeton, served in the American Revolution under General George Washington, and was the Governor of Virginia from 1792 to 1795. He entered the Westmoreland County (VA) jail on April 24, 1809.

In the Family Forest®, it is possible to visually explore the incredible digital web of family ties connecting Paris Hilton to each of these inmates, plus hundreds of thousands of other people, including a number of the most well-known figures from recorded human history.


“The Tudors” on Showtime

When Kristine and I recently saw an episode of “The Tudors” on Showtime, we turned to the Family Forest® as a program.


In this application we used the Family Forest® not so much as a program in the software sense; it is similar to a digital version of a program one buys at a baseball game or receives at a Broadway Show. We use it to learn more about the characters, who they were and how they fit into the actual unfolding of history, so we receive more enjoyment from the performance.


Most of the key characters from “The Tudors” are already very extensively lineage-linked in the Family Forest®. This means they are connected to generation-by-generation lines of descent leading into the future, and/or generation-by-generation lines of ancestral pathways leading for a number of centuries into the past. Some of them are connected through family ties to hundreds of thousands of individual relatives from their future and their past.


We focused on a downstream view (from the past moving toward the future) of the father of the famous Anne Boleyn, Sir Thomas Boleyn Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond see what resulted from his life over the following centuries. A few mouse-clicks in the Family Forest® produce surprising counterintuitive results.


Although he was a relatively minor player in the court of King Henry VIII (other than being his father-in-law), his descendants spread far and wide over the centuries. Some became heir to the British throne, some settled in places like Fairmont, WV and Elkader, IA and Paris, AR, and some appear on TV.


Prince William and Prince Harry are descended from Sir Thomas Boleyn via their mother, Princess Diana, and via their paternal grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Their new step-mother, the Duchess of Cornwall, and their aunt, Sarah Ferguson, are also both descended from Sir Thomas Boleyn.


A number of Pocahontas’ descendants are also descended from Sir Thomas Boleyn, as are the children of Charles Lindberg, Governor Howard Dean, and President Teddy Roosevelt.


The founder of the great oil enterprise that eventually became Exxon, John Davison Rockefeller, Sr. is descended from Sir Thomas Boleyn, and so are Hollywood performers such as Rachel Ward of “The Thorn Birds” and Cary Elwes.


Whenever you are watching an episode of “The Tudors” on Showtime, I hope you will remember this post about just one of the many characters, and consider the very likely possibility that one or more of your own ancestors are being portrayed on the show.



Hello world!



 What can I offer you for your time and attention? New and precisely documented insights into who you are and where you came from.  Information that until recently did not exist – at least not in a useful way. 

For the past twelve years I have been on a fascinating journey into the past. The purpose of my journey has been to blaze a digital trail for you and future unborn generations to follow. Along this journey, I am making and documenting many surprising discoveries.

I have discovered, and continue to make discoveries of things which no one in the history of the world has seen before.  That’s because nobody in the history of the world has had access to a resource like the Family Forest® Project has developed.  Some of these discoveries have positive – even life-changing potential, and I want to share them with you.


Even without knowing who you are individually, it is now possible to know a great deal about some of your early ancestry.  It is now mapped out waiting for you (or your children) to explore for yourselves within the Family Forest®.


The big picture of ancestral history has much to teach each of us, and some of this knowledge will enrich the rest of your life.


Before the end of the last century we launched a primitive blog. It was called “The Captain’s Log.” This unique, fact-filled blog will continue into the future as “Your Future, Your Past.”  You are invited and encouraged to come along on this journey of discovery.




Multiple Births

Having entered so many large families in Family Forests, I was curious to know the largest number of children said to have been born to one woman. You will probably be as surprised as I was when you see the number that is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The answer can be found by going to the website of the National Organization of the Mother of Twins Clubs, Inc. at and clicking on their “Multiple Multiples” button.

This piqued my interest in the occurrence of multiple births in our Family Forests. A search in “Facts” “Contains” for “twin” in the Founders & Patriots Family Forest locates hundreds of pairs of American twins, mostly from the 1600’s, 1700’s and 1800’s. All of these twins are lineage-linked to their parents, and oftentimes to hundreds or thousands of ancestors, descendants, and other relatives.

The search feature can be more narrowly focused by adding a surname (in “Name” “Contains”) to the above search criteria. Some of the surnames with twins in the Founders & Patriots Family Forest are Alden (2 pairs), Allen (4 pairs), Arnold (2 pairs), Bacon (2 pairs), Barnard, Bartlett (3 pairs), Bascom, Battles (2 pairs), Bigelow, Blodgett, Bow, Bowen, Bradbury, Bridge, Bright, Cadwell, Caldwell, Camp (2 pairs), Capron (5 pairs), Carter, Chase (2 pairs), Child, Clark (2 pairs), Clifford, Coit, Cook (2 pairs), Coolidge (2 pairs), Cunnabell, Cutler (2 pairs), Darrow, Davenport, Delano (2 pairs), Dickinson, Eaton (3 pairs), Emery (5 pairs), Fairbanks (4 pairs), Faxon (3 pairs), Fay (5 pairs), Felton, Foote (9 pairs), French (6 pairs), Gardner, Gilman (2 pairs), Gookin, Gore (2 pairs), Green (12 pairs), Greene, Gregory, Hale (2 pairs), Hart(t) (2 pairs), Hawkins, Hayden (2 pairs), Hill, Hinchliff, Holbrook (2 pairs), Holt, Hotchkiss, Howe (3 pairs), Hurlbut (10 pairs), Isham (4 pairs), Jaquith (2 pairs), James, Jennison, Keith, Kelly, Kendall, Keyes, Kirby, Lane, Latane, Leeds, Linfield, Lithgow, Livermore (4 pairs), Loring, Lovering, Matthews, Meigs, Miller, Mills (3 pairs), Morgan, Morrison, Morse (2 pairs), Munroe, Newcomb (3 pairs), Niles (2 pairs), Parker (3 pairs), Payson, Perry, Pierce (3 pairs), Poor, Porter, Prentice, Prince, Raymond, Redington (4 pairs), Rice (5 pairs), Richardson (3 pairs), Rossiter, Sandford (4 pairs), Savil, Shaw, Skinner, Smith, Stanton, Stearns (3 pairs), Stevens (4 pairs), Stillman, Stoddard, Stone (2 pairs), Thayer (4 pairs), Thorlo (2 pairs), Vinton (4 pairs), Vose (2 pairs), Warner, Welles (2 pairs), White (4 pairs), Whitney, Wood, and Wyncoop.

A search for “triplet” located triplets in the Emerson, Fay, and Tilton families.