Spy Genes at the Fed

Here is the long overdue sequel I promised on August 2, 2014 in Family Forest Family Ties of AMC’s TURN

Less than a century after the American Revolution, a great-great-grandson of two of the key people in America’s first spy ring was born. His name was Benjamin Strong, Jr., and two of his great-great-grandparents were Judge Selah and Anna (Smith) Strong, of Setauket, Long Island, NY.

In 1910, Benjamin Strong, Jr. was one of the seven men (they were said to have represented an estimated 1/4 of the total wealth of the entire world) who attended the secret meeting on Jekyll Island, GA where the Federal Reserve System was conceived.

Details of the secrecy leading up to this historic meeting are described in The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

Were Benjamin Strong, Jr.’s secrecy genes a factor in the success of the Federal Reserve System, as Ted Danson’s tavern-keeping genes may have been a factor in the success of Cheers?

Enjoy the premier of the final season of AMC’s TURN on Saturday. It will be time well spent.


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Mike Huckabee is Related to Spies & a Traitor


Kristine and I have been big fans of AMC’s TURN since the first episode, and our interest in some of its characters reaches back to George Washington’s Lower Part.

When Kristine was looking last night for information about the April 25th start of TURN’s final season, she came upon a video where Mike Huckabee was explaining the value of TURN for Americans, especially young Americans.

So I queried the Family Forest® this morning to look for Mike Huckabee’s Family Forest® cousins. As I expected to find, Mike Huckabee shares ancestors in the Family Forest® with most of the key characters in TURN. Here they are, arranged from most distant to closest.

Benjamin Tallmadge                17c7r

Robert Townsend                     17c4r

George Washington                 16c4r

Benedict Arnold                       14c7r

Abraham Woodhall                 13c7r

Caleb Brewster                        13c7r

Anna (Smith) Strong              13c3r

Selah Strong                              4c7r

For some of the Family Forest® cousins relationships between a number of the key characters just click on the chart at Family Forest® Family Ties of AMC’s TURN

If you haven’t been watching this great show, you should catch up on the previous seasons before the TURN final season begins on April 25th. It will be time well spent.

If you’d like to see how your family might relate through family ties to TURN and America’s first spy ring, check out our Family Forest® connection service.



Family Forest® Project

Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.

Family Forest® is a product and registered trademark of Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.

Your Ancestral Heritage in a Landfill

But what if you want to pass along the bigger picture of your assembled and connected ancestral heritage?

Now into my third decade growing the Family Forest® connection service, I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve heard variations on the very same story. It goes like this.

My ________ (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) had been researching and assembling our family history for decades. After she/he passed and the house was being prepared for estate liquidation, my ________ (sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.) threw it out with all of the other stuff they thought was just worthless accumulations.

I recently spoke with an elderly gentleman who knew this story, and he was trying to prevent it from happening to his descendants, both living and unborn. He already knew that his children and grandchildren had little or no interest in his/their family history, yet.

And Sam had great stories to pass along. At least two of his ancestors were well-documented to have performed valuable services in the founding of our country, and to have personally known George Washington.

So he joined the SAR. Joining a hereditary society is a great first step in passing along a part of your ancestral history to future generations of your descendants.

The reason that I say a part of your ancestral history is because each hereditary society has a particular interest area that they excel at. This valuable focus prevents them from including all of the parts of your ancestral heritage that are outside of their interest area, no matter how interesting those parts are to you and your descendants.

You can join multiple hereditary societies, and pass along multiple parts of your ancestral heritage, in separated parts.

But what if you want to pass along the bigger picture of your assembled and connected ancestral heritage?

You can use the Family Forest® connection service.