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  1. I’m impressed with your ideas in “debunking 3 big myths…” post. to me, you’re not like other genealogists in blogosphere. quite unique:)

    I hope that you would be able to link “Dnamazing.com” to your current blog. I’ve already added yours to my site. Please feel free to drop-by for any comments. Thank you very much.

  2. hey guys miss ya ken and I haven’t gone to vegas yet, we’ll probably go around my birthday…heading to Williamsburg in May staying on a plantation and doing some historic sightseeing! How is the family doing?? Give everyone my love and hopefully hear from you soon!!

  3. Hi from Cairns, Australia. My name is Nicky. I am a nineteen year old law student. I found this post when I was doing some research for my school assignment. Thanks for your assistance. I now have a lot more direction. 🙂

  4. I was trying to post a comment on the most recent blog post about finding my ancestral ties to Highclere Castle and have ended up here, apparently in error. Are the comments turned on for this very recent post?

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