Tudors descendants in the audience. Are you one of them?

Tudors descendants in the audience. Are you one of them?

I once read somewhere that the real purpose of reading is to trap the mind into thinking. 

Well it just happened to me while I was reading the new Family Forest® Descendants of Earl Sir Thomas Boleyn ebook. He is a man who has been portrayed by Nick Dunning in 20 episodes of Showtime’s hugely popular series The Tudors. My thinking drifted to the fans of The Tudors, and the fact that millions of them are actually watching portrayals of their own ancestors. Most of them probably haven’t made this AhHa! discovery yet, and you may quite likely be one of them. 

For instance consider just one good possibility of a person who may be one of your own ancestors. Thomas Boleyn’s genes began appearing in America at least a decade before the Mayflower arrived, at Jamestown, VA. His genes also appeared in Boston and other parts of MA in the 1600s. 

According to the ancestral pathways already networked into the Family Forest® National Treasure Edition, Thomas Boleyn’s genes have been born into many locations around the globe, including such diverse places in America such as Reidsville, NC, Jarratt, VA, Topeka, KS, Atlantic City, NJ, Red Rock and Fort Dodge, IA, Vienna Crossroads and Toledo, OH, Buffalo and Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR, Rock Island, IL, Olympia, WA, Bryn Mawr, PA, Newburyport, MA, Houston, TX, Sulphur, OK, Morley, MO, and many more. 

Some of his famous descendants include Charles Darwin, Tim Berners-Lee, John D. Rockefeller, Howard Dean, Princess Diana and her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, Admiral Dennis Blair, Rachel Ward, Cary Elwes, Hilary Duff, and Skandar Keynes. Many of Thomas’ known descendants are also Pocahontas descendants. Most of his descendants are everyday people.

His royally-descended genes are known to have already spread into families with surnames of Abbott, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Ames, Anderson, Arms, Armstrong, Atkinson, Avery, Baker, Bannister, Barnard, Marnes, Barton, Batchelder, Beekman, Bell, Bennett, Bigelow, Bingham, Bishop, Blood, Bolling, Bowen, Bowers, Boyle, Bradlee, Breed, Brent, Brett, Brooks, Bryant, Buchanan, Burke, Burwell, Butler, Butts, Campbell, Carlton, Chandler, Chase, Church, Churchill, Claiborne, Clark, Clement, Cleveland, Cobb, Cocke, Coffin, Colby, Cole, Collins, Corbin, Cox, Creilly, Crump, Culbertson, Cunningham, Currier, Cushman, Dalton, Dandridge, Davis, Devereux, Dodge, Drummond, Dunlap, Dunlop, Edwards, Emery, Evans, Ferguson, Fleming, Folger, Fontaine, Fowler, Freeman, Gage, Garnsey, Gault, Goodale, Goode, Gorham, Graham, Grant, Griffin, Guest, Hale, Hall, Harrison, Haseltine, Hazeltine, Henry, Herrick, Hills, Hinckley, Hitchcock, Holloway, Hopkins, Houghton, Howard, Howe, Hunter, Huntington, Hussey, Ingalls, James, Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, Kerr, Kimball, Leavitt, Lee, Lewis, Lincoln, Lindbergh, Logan, Lott, Lynn, Macy, Marston, Mason, Mather, McCall, Merrill, Metcalf, Meyers, Miller, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Moses, Mott, Moulton, Muir, Newton, Oliver, O’Neill, O’Reilly, Paget, Paine, Parker, Parks, Payne, Peabody, Pelham, Perkins, Perry, Pinkham, Porter, Preston, Quincy, Raines, Rich, Rindge, Roberts, Robertson, Rockefeller, Regers, Roosevelt, Rose, Ross, Rothschild, Royce, Russell, Safford, Saltonstall, Sargent, Savage, Severance, Seymour, Shannon, Shaw, Shelden, Shepard, Singleton, Smith, Snow, Spencer, Stanton, Starbuck, Starr, Stebbins, Stetson, Stickney, Stone, Tarbox, Telford, Thompson, Thornberry, Toler, Traxler, Vail, Wade, Walden, Wall, Warfield, Warren, Washington, Waterhouse, Watkins, Watts, Wayland, Webster, Wendell, Wentworth, West, Wheeler, Wilcox, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wingo, Winslow, Winston, Woodman, Worth, and probably thousands of additional surnames, including quite possibly yours.

Some historians believe that all of these descendants in the new Family Forest® Descendants of Earl Sir Thomas Boleyn are also descended from King Henry VIII.

There are many other named characters in The Tudors you may be descended from. We have just posted 15 free Tudors Ancestors-at-a-glance™ charts for fans of The Tudors, history buffs, and descendants. You can see them here

The edutaining Family Forest® Project is Networking Family History with Hollywood™ and connecting audiences through actual family ties better than any other digital resource, either online or offline, as the new Family Forest® National Treasure Edition can easily show you.

10 thoughts on “Tudors descendants in the audience. Are you one of them?”

  1. Henry VIII didn’t have any descendants. His three legitimate children – and his one illegitimate son – died without issue.

    1. Yes, KING HENRY, VIII, was the father of QUEEN ELIZABETH, I, wit ANN BOLEYN for one and he, most likely, had other children through ANN’s sister MARY BOLEYN & her marriage to WILLIAM CAREY as there were children of MARY’s who were treated very much as his own by HENRY inclusive of estates, etc. that they were given.

  2. What you say may be so. That’s the official story. But some historians believe Henry is the father of Mary Boleyn’s two children, and they have plenty of descendants today.

  3. I wish to greet each of my distant cousins. I am Charles Edward Miller, Jr., a second cousin once removed to artist Ralph Wolfe Cowan and a distant cousin to Professor Alf Mapp of Old Dominion University. Through the Mapps, I am related to King Alfred the Great of Wessex. I am also related to the Wynns of Gwydyr and descend from Sir John Wynn. His stepmother, Catherine Tudor of Berain, was a great-granddaughter of Henry Tudor who became the first Welsh King of England. That was revenge on King Edward I of England who conquered Wales in 1282. King Rhodri Mawr and King Llewellyn of Wales are my forebearers as well. King Llewellyn’s great-grandfather was the notorious King John of England. I hope this of interest.

    1. I descend from Rhodri Mawr, Beli Mawr & many Tudors in many lines inclusive of my MEURIG – MEURIC – MERYK – MEYRICK – MERRICK – MYRICK & so many others & possibly from Henry & Mary. My 14th GFF was a Cousin of HENRY, VIII through both sides of his family & was CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD for the Coronation of HENRY, VIII. Too much more to write here inclusive of PERCY, the speculative CAREY & many more confirmed.

  4. I also agree with you concerning Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn. Elizabeth I had half-siblings who were also her cousins through her mother’s sister, Mary Boleyn.

  5. i am a descendent of margaret tudor. i was told one or two of her grandchildren settled in early jamestown. trying to figure this one out. anyone have some help?

  6. Laura Kelly and Belinda Myrick-Barnett, I am descendant of Margaret as well, and very interested in any possible Jamestown ancestors as well, if you happen to find anything!

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