Amelia Earhart

A new motion picture about America’s most beloved female aviator, Amelia, will be premiering at theatres on October 23, 2009. 

In advance of the release we have just posted a half-dozen related Ancestors-at-a-glance™ charts. 

One is for Amelia Earhart herself, one is for her husband, George “GP” Putnam, and one is for the famous Hollywood actor who will be portraying him, Richard Gere

In this role Richard will be portraying a cousin of California’s next Governor, Meg Whitman. Meg shares early New England Buckminster ancestors with “GP” Putnam. 

Another Buckminster cousin of Meg and GP is Bucky Fuller and he was a real life friend of Amelia. A video can be seen here of her in his futuristic Dymaxion car. 

And yet another Buckminster cousin is current US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

If all of the cousins of the cast and characters of Amelia go to see it, this motion picture will be the largest box office hit ever.

The edutaining Family Forest® Project is Networking Family History with Hollywood™ and connecting audiences through actual family ties better than any other digital resource, either online or offline, as the new Family Forest® National Treasure Edition proves.

9 thoughts on “Amelia Earhart”

  1. The Family Forest has to rank as one of the most important contributions to humanity since the creation of the Internet.

    My prediction: This new tool for family history research is going to make every genealogy service collecting a monthly fee for access for a business model obsolete. Why would anyone pay for doing the work yourself when a resource like the Family Forest is available so inexpensively?

  2. You guys have awsome information about Amelia Earhart.And i have tried to look up more about her problems in life about her but havent found them yet.I am just 12 yrs. old and im looking up infromation for my Class Report and if you will please e-mail me at this e-mail if u have more facts (myspace e-mail) 🙂

  3. Did you know that Amelia took First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt up in her plane and flew her over the capital in Washington D.C.
    See: the movie and you will see this event acted out.

    1. You are correct about your first question Mr. Kimmel, but your second question is a non-sequitur.
      My ability to predict the outcome of an election more than a year in advance has no relevance to the quality of my ancestral history work. My digital indexing of recorded history is very accurate, as you can see at FAQ #6 at

      Bruce Harrison
      President and CEO, Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.
      Co-Founder of the Family Forest® Project
      A People-Centered Approach To History®

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