Big Picture Story from the Big Island

A new story just appeared, and we’re pleased that it doesn’t misleadingly try to squeeze our exciting leading-edge digital project into the genealogy pigeon-hole.


We do like stories that highlight some of the surprising family ties we’ve networked between famous people such as Brad Pitt and President Obama, and the Family Forest® does perform some amazing genealogy feats for everyday people that no other genealogy resource can, but the real picture of our digital project is so much bigger.


The Family Forest® Project is about so many more exciting possibilities than just plain vanilla genealogy, and the new story points to some of them.


Please continue to stay tuned here for enriching previews of the future of your own past.


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3 thoughts on “Big Picture Story from the Big Island”

  1. I am interested in genealogy about the Forrest family.
    Most of myancestors came from the Barren county,ky. area. which isnear Mammoth cave.

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