All Paths Lead To Rome

Google recently announced an exciting new acquisition that is extremely interesting to us. It is a preview of their future offerings that will dovetail very nicely with one of the future capabilities of the multi-faceted Family Forest® Project. 


We envision people experiencing online virtual visits with their early ancestors in 3-D VR re-creations of their ancestral homes. As they have been many saying for many millennia, “All paths lead to Rome,” and the Family Forest® proves it. 


From studying the world’s largest maps of human genetic migration (which are generated by the Family Forest®), it appears certain that everyone alive in America today has Roman ancestors. 


Among many other best-of claims, the Family Forest® is the best digital central source for generation-by-generation ancestral pathways leading from today to Ancient Rome. 


When the Internet evolves enough to deliver the full functionality of the Family Forest® online, our proprietary network of strategic digital links will be performing the service of a high-speed transportation system (much like express elevators) connecting living people to many of their ancestors and their ancestral homes in centuries past. 


For an example, just look at the wide-ranging large list of some of the better-known people who are descendants of just one French castle. Or better yet, as soon as Google Books can successfully deliver it online, explore what we believe is the world’s largest ebook, which documents a very large number of the known descendants of Briquebec Castle. 


The founder of Briquebec Castle has ancestral pathways in the New World Edition which lead from him back to Ancient Rome. Many millions of living people may be as close as a few generations away from connecting to their own ancestral pathways which lead to Briquebec Castle. And of course, there will be tens of thousands of additional connecting points in the National Treasure Edition to this and other castles. 


How accurate are these generation-by-generation ancestral pathways that lead from present day (or the recent past) to Ancient Rome and beyond? The answer can be found here. Stay tuned to Your Future, Your Past for previews of other exciting future possibilities from our digital property. 


P.S. Malia and Sasha Obama are Briquebec Castle descendants, as are Governor Sarah Palin’s children.





5 thoughts on “All Paths Lead To Rome”

  1. I am interested in the concept of being able to have a personalized time travel experience via a virtual reality software program. I can imagine a platform like Nientendo’s Wii where body movements could be transfered into the program allowing the visitor to past history to walk the streets of ancient Rome, and meet characters (distant ancestors) who are known by history to have lived during that time. Talk about a fun way to explore history. All ages should find this fun and educational. How long before Google will be bringing this to market?

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