Sarah Palin is related to who?

While watching Sarah Palin and Alec Baldwin talking together Saturday night on SNL I couldn’t help wondering if they had any idea they are related to each other. Even though they are fairly distant cousins, because their first ancestral connection is back in the Royal Channel according to recorded history, they do actually share ancestors with each other.  


We ran some outline reports of immigrant ancestors from the Family Forest® to see who else shares ancestors with Gov. Sarah Palin. There are some of her surprising family ties in the Thomas Emerson report (see PDF here. family-forest-outline-report-for-thomas-emerson), and more of them can be found in the other reports (William Arnold, Deacon Samuel Bass, Thomas Brigham, Zechariah/Zachariah Field, Surgeon John Greene, Stephen Post, Richard Sears, and Corporal Roger Wellington), which are available upon request. 


Following are some tips for exploring the Thomas Emerson report. Sarah Palin: page 55


Hawaiian family ties


Cooke family of Bank of Hawaii, Molokai Ranch, etc.: pages 4-25 


Waterhouse and Alexander families of Alexander and Baldwin: page 7


Atherton family of Atherton Foundation: page 8


Monty Richards family of Kahua Ranch: page 13


Cowell family of Kowali Farm: page 16


Other family ties (both for Sarah Palin, and also for her Hawaiian cousins)


Ford and Firestone heirs: page 2


Mitt Romney: page 37


Buffalo Bill Cody: page 41


President Taft: page 34


Astronaut Alan Shepard: pages 54-55


Famous Civil War Generals: page 57


Tennessee Williams: page 58


F. Scott Fitzgerald and Shirley Temple: page 59


President Fillmore: page 63


Bill Gates: page 67


Please keep in mind when exploring this outline report that it is only one tiny snap shot from the Family Forest®, and it’s much more fun to explore these connections visually via the disc.

10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is related to who?”

  1. Well, Palin has English/Irish/Scottish ancestry, yes?

    Family trees are fun but if you’re not Anglo it’s a lot tougher.

    I’m Sicilian on my Dad’s side. He’s gone back to visit the town his Dad lived in. The village church has burned down, taking records with it, any number of times over the centuries. The family name has retained it’s spelling but that’s not much help. And of course, everyone kept naming their children after their relatives so how do you tell them apart?

    On my Mother’s side her name is Weiss; the equivalent of Smith in Germany. Tracing her ancestry would be just as difficult. And who knows what records were destroyed or lost when Nurnberg was bombed?

    If you’re English, Scottish or Irish or even French, genealogy is a hoot. If you’re not, you need a lot of money, time and experts. I don’t think your CD would do me much good. None of my ancestors would be on it.

    So for some of us we have to look toward the future, building a tree now with what we know for our children to add to, rather than going back trying to figure out who is and is not related to us.

    I know for sure I’m not related to any American President or any Royal family.

  2. “Her distant cousins include Bill Gates, Tennessee Williams, Mitt Romney, and Shirley Temple (that perkiness really did translate through the bloodline). The best connection of all may be outspoken liberal actor Alec Baldwin, who… ”

    for the rest of the story and Family Forest connections from The Daily Best Gallery see:;page=2

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