Another Barack Obama Cousins Story

A news story began circulating Tuesday about Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama being distant cousins.

Anyone using the Family Forest® New World Edition from two years ago can instantly pull up a chart that illustrates, through generation-by-generation family ties, this supposedly new story.

The story fails to mention some of the other famous cousins Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama share through this common ancestor, early Maryland settler Mareen Duval.

Those other distant cousins include Harriet Miers (didn’t she receive special treatment from her cousin Dick Cheney’s boss earlier this year?), Wallis Warfield (the Duchess of Windsor), President Harry Truman, Paris Hilton, and Emmy award winning Hollywood actor Robert Duvall.

Second Lady Lynne Cheney does not mention that she is also a distant cousin of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, and that one of their common ancestors built and lived in a castle. This information can be seen by following the links in Probably Your Castle.

More of Senator Barack Obama’s family ties to the White House can be found in a story from early this year about his presidential genes.

Stories like these are much more interesting when you use the Family Forest® to explore the visual illustrations which are behind these stories. In addition to many other “best of” claims it deserves, the Family Forest® New World Edition is the best digital central source for generation-by-generation ancestral pathways leading to and from the White House, and the presidential 2008 Election.

6 thoughts on “Another Barack Obama Cousins Story”

  1. Berry Gordy, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama are distant cousins due to Gordy!

    Dewey Whitley Lambdin is related to them as well, and he has a Gordy ancestor.

  2. Thanks for the information.

    Although Berry Gordy and many members of his family are in the Family Forest, we do not yet have them lineage-linked to Jimmy Carter’s Gordys. Can you point us to a printed source showing those connections?

  3. Here is the relationship between Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis (he has distant African ancestry) and Barack Hussein Obama:

    Anne Kimball (Russian woman)>Nicholas PERKINS>Nicholas PERKINS II>Richard Perkins>John PERKINS>Mary PERKINS>William W. Hendricks (Some sources say William Perkins Hendricks)>Malinda C. HENDRICKS>John Thomas GRINSTEAD>Clara May GRINSTEAD>Bonnie Bell MARTIN>Laurence Herman VERSLUIS

    Anne Kimball (Russian woman)>Nicholas PERKINS>Nicholas PERKINS II>Constantine PERKINS>Stephen PERKINS>Hannah PERKINS>David Jesse BOWLES>Harriet BOWLES>Benjamin PAYNE>Charles T. PAYNE>Rolla Charles PAYNE>Madelyn Lee PAYNE>Stanley Ann DUNHAM>Barack Hussein OBAMA II

    For the Versluis’s African ancestry:
    Martha (Slave)>Elizabeth Key (Daughter of a black slave woman and a white father)>William Grinstead, Jr>William Grinstead, III>John Grinstead>Jesse Grinstead>Jesse Grinstead>Jesse Boles Grinstead>John Thomas Grinstead>Clara May Grinstead>Bonnie Bell Martin>Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis(!)

  4. For the Mary Perkins part, it seems possible William Hendricks seems married her (Mary) sister (the best guess).

    Here is a relationship of Obama and Versluis:

    Elizabeth VENABLES
    1. Nicholas BOSTOCK
    2. Hugh BOSTOCK
    3. George BOSTOCK
    4. Joan BOSTOCK
    5. Thomas JENNINGS
    6. Catherine JENNINGS
    7. Lionel BRANCH
    8. Christopher BRANCH
    9. Christopher BRANCH , Jr.
    10. Samuel BRANCH
    11. Ursula BRANCH
    12. William TRENT , Jr.
    13. Williamson TRENT
    14. Parthenia TRENT
    15. Elizabeth A. ORR
    16. Elvira Elmarinda SAMS
    17. Clara May GRINSTEAD
    18. Bonnie Bell MARTIN
    19. Laurence Herman VERSLUIS

    1. Hugh DE VENABLES
    2. Richard DE VENABLES
    3. Joan VENABLES
    4. Robert GROSVENOR
    5. Agnes GROSVENOR
    6. Peter STANLEY
    7. Peter STANLEY
    8. Anne SUTTON
    9. Anne STANLEY
    10. Martha ELTONHEAD
    11. Eltonhead CONWAY
    12. Henry THACKER
    13. Edwin HICKMAN
    14. James HICKMAN
    15. Susannah HICKMAN
    16. Annie BROWNING
    17. George Washington OVERALL
    18. Susan C. OVERALL
    19. Gabriella CLARK
    Ruth Lucille ARMOUR
    Stanley Armour DUNHAM
    Stanley Ann DUNHAM
    Barack Hussein OBAMA , Jr

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