32nd Annual American Music Awards

As the press release about the American Music Awards will say in couple of days, the latest and greatest Family Forest®, the amazing Leadership Edition, has been selected for the prestigious Celebrity Gift Bags for the 32nd annual American Music Awards on Sunday night.

When I looked at the list of performers and presenters to see which celebrities will be receiving the Family Forest® Leadership Edition, I instantly spotted William Shatner.

His Star Trek character changed my life for the better by stimulating me to become much more of a futurist, and believe it or not, an observation from Star Trek provides one of the fundamental concepts guiding the growth of the Family Forest®. Also, these reports on our mission to explore ancestral history are called the Captain’s Log because of William Shatner.

Now I may get a chance to return the favor. I’m hoping William Shatner will gain one or more personally enriching new perspectives from the Family Forest® Project that will change his life for the better. The potential is there for him, and for everyone else looking for discoveries.

For one example, appearing with him on Sunday nights in Boston Legal is co-star Rene Auberjonois (my 16th cousin once removed). Rene Auberjonois (also a Star Trek veteran) is now connected through family ties, according to professionally recorded ancestral history, to over 138,000 different people in the Family Forest® (including recent Presidential candidates).

Some of Rene Auberjonois’ ancestors are certain to also be William Shatner’s ancestors, as well as the ancestors of many people watching Boston Legal, many people watching the 32nd annual American Music Awards, and many people reading this Captain’s Log.

The Family Forest® Project is about much more than connecting people to their own ancestors. It’s also about mapping the many other ancestral pathways leading back down from their own ancestors to stars and celebrities in newspapers, in magazines, on the radio, on TV, and in the movies; it’s about connecting large audiences to events and celebrities.

Discovering your own family ties to particular stars and celebrities will make you much more aware of who they are and when they will be appearing, and will enhance your enjoyment of their performances.