The Royal Channel

Channel definition: 6) a means of access. 7) a course of direction. 8) a route through which anything passes or progresses. (from The Random House College Dictionary)

On page 432 of the September 2003 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Prince Ernest August of Hanover is said to have been 54th in line to the British throne before he relinquished his right of succession.

The ability to make this determination proves that detailed genealogical records extend for quite a distance from kings and queens. Sources that are frequently referenced to grow the Family Forest show that this type of record keeping has been standard operating procedure for thousands of years, and furthermore, a large amount of the results of that record keeping has survived to present day.

What happens when computer technology is applied to systematically digitally map out all of the known surviving recorded history about the genealogical data in and near the Royal Channel during the last two thousand years?

No one knows yet. But we are getting much closer to knowing, as the Family Forest project progresses, and some very interesting phenomena are appearing.

Linking in the present day claimants to ancient European royal thrones this week magnified one phenomenon that had previously appeared. The center of the Royal Channel of ancestral history is extremely interconnected.

In fact, we have already connected enough of the dots of recorded royal ancestry of even the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of kings to produce maps of pedigree charts with millions of boxes filled in. These maps can be seen by starting with one of many thousands of people in the World Record Edition who lived in the 1800’s.

So imagine what happens when the youngest claimants to royal thrones are lineage linked to a dozen or dozens of their ancestors who lived in the 1800’s and who already have millions of boxes filled in on their ancestor charts. Maps can be seen (as soon as technology permits) with tens of millions of boxes filled in on their ancestor charts.

The most interesting phenomenon concerning the Royal Channel is especially important to everyone who still believes the Royal Channel has nothing to do with him or her.

I believe with absolute certainty that within your own ancestry during the previous twenty generations, you have actual ancestors who are already lineage-linked into the Royal Channel in the Family Forest.

This means that beyond a certain point some centuries ago, many of the famous kings and queens you have read about or seen in movies are people you deserve to call grandfather or grandmother, preceded by some number of “greats.”

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