From Servant, to Ancestor of Kings

I just entered a person into the Family Forest who sometime this century will most probably become an ancestor of kings.

His name is Francis Coote, Esq., of Eaton, in Norfolk, England. According to Burke’s, Francis was a servant to Queen Elizabeth I.

A number of centuries later, one of his descendants, Diana Frances Spencer, would marry a prince and become the mother of two sons who are in line to become king.

Over hundreds of years, surprising things can happen that would be almost impossible to imagine. When one of Princess Diana’s sons becomes king, who would have been more surprised, Queen Elizabeth I, or Francis?

Queen Elizabeth I was never, and will never be, an ancestor of kings. Would it ever have crossed her mind that someone who was a servant to her was destined to become an ancestor of kings of her kingdom?

On a trying day of complying with royal wishes, would Francis have ever grumbled to himself “One day my descendants will be in charge here!”?

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