All Saint’s Day

How many other people are as uninformed and/or misinformed about Saints as I was?

The little I knew about Saints left me with the impression that Saints did not have children. After almost a half-century of having this belief, imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did Saints have children but a number of Saints are my own ancestors!

People who know me may be tempted to dismiss this claim immediately, just based on present evidence. However, recorded history confirms my story, and the Odyssey Edition shows countless ancestral pathways from everyday folks (as well as famous people, like President Bush and Prince Charles) to their Saintly connections.

The other misconception I had about Saints is that they would have always been …. well …. saintly. Saint Olga dramatically shattered that misconception. Before she found God, she had hundreds scalded to death and otherwise murdered for murdering her husband, Grand Duke Igor I of Russia.

When you are going to be away from the computer for a half hour, try a 20-generation descendant view of Saint Olga (PIN 15616). Although this chart maps a number of her lines of descent into only the 1500’s, scrolling through the 10,131 boxes on this chart shows how widely dispersed her genes were by then, and gives a good indication of how extensively they are dispersed today.

As the Search Tips page of the A&E Info section explains, the best way to find actual Saints is to search Name: Contains for “Saint”. Fifty-five Saints will be quickly located (four other matches in the list of 64 matches are connected to the famous sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and five others have Saint as either a first, middle, or surname).

By toggling through each person in the Match List (via the two arrows above “Matches”), you will find other interesting insights into the lives of Saints, such as one who spent his early life as a pirate, one who was axed to death by his father, one who was personally baptized by the Apostle Paul, and a number of the founders of well-known abbeys, convents, and monasteries in Europe.

I hope others will find it as enriching as I have to discover their own ancestral connections to Saints, and insights into the lives of those Saints.

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