Lady Godiva

With a few mouse-clicks in our new Odyssey Edition, you can create an extremely interesting chart. It is a 40-generation descendant view of Lady Godiva (PIN 20394). The chart fills in 48,630 boxes with her descendants and their spouses. Although it takes almost 3:52:00 to calculate and display (just plan ahead), navigating through the chart is amazingly quick.

Here’s a small sampling I noticed from the chart:

Britain’s Royal Family and America’s First Family
Queen Elizabeth I (from the movie Elizabeth)
Queen Isabella II (from the movie Amistad)
Alexander Graham Bell and the National Geographic Grosvenors
The inventor of plywood
Signers of the Declaration of Independence, including Adams, Braxton, Carroll, Harrison, Hopkins, Jefferson, Livingston, Nelson, and Wolcott US Presidents, including Adams (2), Arthur, Buchanan, Bush (2), Garfield, Grant, Harrison (2), Lincoln, Monroe, Nixon, Polk, Roosevelt (2), Taft, and Washington
US Vice-Presidents, including Gates, Hamlin, and Stevenson
Queens, Kings, and Emperors of Bavaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Spain, Sweden, Wurtemburg, and Yugoslavia
General Robert E. Lee
Sir Winston Churchill
Ralph Waldo Emerson
George M. Pullman
Sir Walter Raleigh
Admiral George Dewey
Governor Patrick Henry
Hollywood actors, including Katharine Hepburn, Dina Merrill, and Cliff Robertson

Since I am also on the Lady Godiva descendant chart, I ordered the 1955 movie “Lady Godiva” starring Maureen O’Hara. I’ll try to convey some enriching personal enjoyment that I hope all of you will be able to experience also.

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