The Vikings on Nova

Kristine and I watched part of a very interesting program last night on PBS’ Nova program. It was titled “The Vikings”. The part we saw showed the Vikings spreading their genes from Iceland and Greenland to Russia and Constantinople more than a thousand years ago.

Some of the people named in “The Vikings” are already included in the American & European Family Forest (start from some of the leaders of early Kiev a millennium ago, and try 12 generation ancestor views). Following some of their lines of descent for several centuries and seeing the geographic diversity of their descendants by the 1300’s leads me to believe that the named Vikings in the Nova programs are ancestors of more than a billion people living today.

I would bet that almost all of the people who watched “The Vikings” last night were watching a reasonable facsimile of “home movies” of people they would have called grandmother or grandfather, preceded by a large number of “greats”.

But I wonder how many of those viewers had even an inkling that they were watching their own ancestors? Most people seem to believe that unless one is Nordic, one cannot be descended from Vikings.

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