Connection Excitement

An exciting event just happened to me, and I expect to enjoy a number of repeat performances in the future. It is typical of many exciting experiences that are waiting to be discovered by everyone with any European ancestry.

While sorting through some of the research I found at the Maryland Historical Society Library during my recent trip to Baltimore, I checked the American & European Family Forest and found that the sister of one of my ancestors was already there. With just a couple of mouse-clicks, I could instantly see a chart of 15 generations of people (52 new ancestors) who I reasonably believe are part of my own ancestry within the time frame of 1500 to the time of William the Conqueror.

A 16 generation Ancestor View of Margery Haute (PIN 34452 in Presidential) with “Include siblings” de-selected will show you what excited me.

Everyday I see more and more confirming evidence which supports my theory that everyone with any European ancestry will connect into the highly-interconnected lineage-linked ancestry in the A&E Family Forest in numerous places, when they follow some of their own ancestral paths into the past for several centuries.

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