Who’s That Girl?

We just watched the Dreamworks movie “Amistad”, and then used the Presidential Family Forest to gain additional perspective on some of the key characters. Of course U.S. Presidents Martin Van Buren and John Quincy Adams were there, as well as U.S. Vice President John Caldwell Calhoun, but we were interested in the 11 year old girl who fanned the flames of this controversy, Queen Isabella II of Spain.

Marie Isabella Louise, who became Queen of Spain as Isabella II, was born on October 10, 1830 and died on April 9, 1904. As long ago as the time frame of Amistad seemed to be, Queen Isabella II was actually living during the lifetimes of people who are still living today.

Queen Isabella II was not included in the first edition of the Presidential Family Forest, but is included in the new edition that is about to be published within the American & European Family Forest. It is fascinating to see all of the European history that lead up to this 11 year old girl being the Queen of Spain at the point in time of the Amistad incident.

A ten generation ancestor view of Queen Isabella II, which reaches back about three centuries, in the Presidential Family Forest has 432 of the possible 512 boxes in the tenth column filled in. Some of the names in those tenth generation boxes are:

King Christian IV of Denmark & Norway, Emperor Ferdinand II, Duke Albert Friedrich of Prussia, King Charles I of England, King Louis XIII of France, King Anthony of Navarre, Queen Joan III of Navarre, Grand Duke Francis Medici of Tuscany, King Philip II of Spain & Portugal, Anne of Austria, Archbishop Karl of Steiermark, Marie of Bavaria, Duke Francois I of Lorraine, Princess Anne of Denmark, Elector Wilhelm II the Religious of Bavaria, Duke Emanuele Filliberto of Savoy, Duke Alessando Farnese of Parma, Marie of Portugal, King Henry IV the Great of Navarre & France, Grand Duke Fernando I of Tuscany, Duke Caesare I d’Este of Modena & Ferrara, Duke Karlo Emanuele I the Great of Savoy, Princess Anne of Denmark, King James I of England, Duke Caesar of Vendome, Duchess Anne of Aumale, Duke Henrico I of Nemours, Elector Christian I of Saxony, Elector Johann Georg I of Brandenburg, Landgrave Georg I of Hessen-Darmstadt, Wilhelm V of Cleve-Julich & Berg, Pfalzgr. Wolfgang of Pfalz-Zweibrucken, Duke Georg I of Hanover, Duke Christian of Baireuth, Markgrave Joachim Ernst of Ansbach, Duke Johann Friedrich of Wurtemberg, Johan Casimir of Pfalz-Zweibrucken, Princess Henrietta Maria of France,Count Victor Amadeus I of Savoy, Elector Maximilian I the Great of Bavaria, King Philip IV of Spain, King Philip II (III) of Spain & Portugal, Duke Charles of Mantua & Nevers, King Frederick V of Bohemia, Princess Elizabeth Stuart of England, Princess Marie Anne Eleanore of Hesse-Darmstadt, and Duke William of Brunswick-Luneburg.

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