Before My Second Cup

Before I had finished my first cup of coffee this morning, I felt I had accomplished more than enough to justify taking the rest of the year off (even though my boss won’t even consider letting me take the rest of the day off).

I was working on the Dukes of Brunswick in the Presidential Family Forest. “Bruno I Unknown” was already in the first edition of the Presidential at the top of the line, but other than a death year and the name of his wife and son, I had no information about him.

But Brunon I, Count of Brunswick from 955 to 972, is responsible for a high-probability intersection (see “upcoming log entry” for an explanation of intersections) that I estimate at least twenties of millions of people living today will eventually pass through, if they follow their roots back thirty-five or so generations.

Brunon I’s parents were also in the first edition of the Presidential, but I had not yet come across the source that connected them to Brunon. With just a couple of mouse clicks, I connected Brunon to more than 120 ancestors stretching back 44 generations (fully-sourced, of course).

With just the addition of a few more people, and a couple more mouse clicks, I connected Brunon to a number of additional lines of descent that stretch throughout Europe and America and lead down to present day. It seems likely that the majority of people in America and Europe will connect into these lines at some point between here and Brunon, if they follow enough of their roots.

Immediately after all of that, I made another connection of equal magnitude. Doesn’t that sound like enough justification for taking a little time off?

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