Multiple Births

Having entered so many large families in Family Forests, I was curious to know the largest number of children said to have been born to one woman. You will probably be as surprised as I was when you see the number that is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The answer can be found by going to the website of the National Organization of the Mother of Twins Clubs, Inc. at and clicking on their “Multiple Multiples” button.

This piqued my interest in the occurrence of multiple births in our Family Forests. A search in “Facts” “Contains” for “twin” in the Founders & Patriots Family Forest locates hundreds of pairs of American twins, mostly from the 1600’s, 1700’s and 1800’s. All of these twins are lineage-linked to their parents, and oftentimes to hundreds or thousands of ancestors, descendants, and other relatives.

The search feature can be more narrowly focused by adding a surname (in “Name” “Contains”) to the above search criteria. Some of the surnames with twins in the Founders & Patriots Family Forest are Alden (2 pairs), Allen (4 pairs), Arnold (2 pairs), Bacon (2 pairs), Barnard, Bartlett (3 pairs), Bascom, Battles (2 pairs), Bigelow, Blodgett, Bow, Bowen, Bradbury, Bridge, Bright, Cadwell, Caldwell, Camp (2 pairs), Capron (5 pairs), Carter, Chase (2 pairs), Child, Clark (2 pairs), Clifford, Coit, Cook (2 pairs), Coolidge (2 pairs), Cunnabell, Cutler (2 pairs), Darrow, Davenport, Delano (2 pairs), Dickinson, Eaton (3 pairs), Emery (5 pairs), Fairbanks (4 pairs), Faxon (3 pairs), Fay (5 pairs), Felton, Foote (9 pairs), French (6 pairs), Gardner, Gilman (2 pairs), Gookin, Gore (2 pairs), Green (12 pairs), Greene, Gregory, Hale (2 pairs), Hart(t) (2 pairs), Hawkins, Hayden (2 pairs), Hill, Hinchliff, Holbrook (2 pairs), Holt, Hotchkiss, Howe (3 pairs), Hurlbut (10 pairs), Isham (4 pairs), Jaquith (2 pairs), James, Jennison, Keith, Kelly, Kendall, Keyes, Kirby, Lane, Latane, Leeds, Linfield, Lithgow, Livermore (4 pairs), Loring, Lovering, Matthews, Meigs, Miller, Mills (3 pairs), Morgan, Morrison, Morse (2 pairs), Munroe, Newcomb (3 pairs), Niles (2 pairs), Parker (3 pairs), Payson, Perry, Pierce (3 pairs), Poor, Porter, Prentice, Prince, Raymond, Redington (4 pairs), Rice (5 pairs), Richardson (3 pairs), Rossiter, Sandford (4 pairs), Savil, Shaw, Skinner, Smith, Stanton, Stearns (3 pairs), Stevens (4 pairs), Stillman, Stoddard, Stone (2 pairs), Thayer (4 pairs), Thorlo (2 pairs), Vinton (4 pairs), Vose (2 pairs), Warner, Welles (2 pairs), White (4 pairs), Whitney, Wood, and Wyncoop.

A search for “triplet” located triplets in the Emerson, Fay, and Tilton families.

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