Family Forest® Project


Imagine the amazing things that might happen from the following assignment.


  1. Find a curious, intelligent, conscientious, and obsessive person.
  2. Assign him to a computer for 50 to 80 hours a week for fourteen years.
  3. Provide him with over five hundred fascinating historical and genealogical books and periodicals.
  4. Instruct him to digitally index as many of them as possible into one interconnected collection, in lineage-linked format.
  5. Tell him to search for the best knowledge the experts have recorded over the centuries, filter out duplications, error-check each new source against all other sources indexed so far, and add a citation for each and every connection and statement.
  6. Tell him to give greatest priority to following the lines of mothers and daughters as they weave through various sources.


What will result from these tens of thousands of hours of linking and filtering thousands of years of professionally recorded history?


  1. Will the world’s most interconnected digital resource for ancestral history be built?
  2. Will the world’s most female-oriented genealogy resource be built?
  3. Will it be possible to create many thousands of pedigree charts that each have millions of boxes filled in?
  4. Will it be possible to create the world’s largest maps of human genetic migration?
  5. Will it be possible to create thousands of never-before-seen ancestral history books?
  6. Will it be possible to calculate exact family ties from everyday people to many famous historical figures?


In hindsight more than a decade later, we now know that the answer to all these questions is yes, and the proof can be seen in the Family Forest® New World Edition and now in our Family Forest® National Treasure Edition.








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