Ancestors May Be Presidential Ancestors

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Release date:  February, 2007

Senator Barack Obama’s ancestors link him to U.S. Presidents George Washington, James Madison, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter, according to the founder of the Family Forest® Project.

Kamuela, HI  Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc., the company that was first to establish the cousin relationship between President Bush and Senator Kerry in the 2004 race, today announces its discovery that presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama’s maternal ancestors establish his relationship to a number of U.S. Presidents.  “His exact relationships are calculations based on a wealth of fully sourced knowledge within the Family Forest®, our proprietary deep family history research tool” according to founder and president, Bruce H. Harrison.

“On Friday we ran a search in the Family Forest® of the ancestors of the senator’s mother, Ann Dunham, and as the data reached back through many centuries of recorded history, we made some surprising discoveries,” says Harrison.

“The Family Forest® shows Senator Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, having a number of her ancestral pathways leading back to early colonial Virginia and New England, and some extend back for many centuries into Europe,” Harrison points out.

One of her ancestral pathways in the Family Forest® leads to one of Senator Barack Obama’s 12th great grandfathers - the Hon. Laurence Washington, who built Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire, England. Over the course of five centuries, according to recorded history, he became the ancestor of President George Washington, General George S. Patton, Governor Adlai Stevenson, President Jimmy Carter, and Quincy Jones, Jr.

“Of course, the Hon. Laurence Washington is also the ancestor of at least a million other living people including some very famous ones, but most are everyday folks,” adds Harrison.

Visual maps of all the fully sourced family ties connecting Senator Obama generation-by-generation to all these people, plus four other presidential contenders (Senator John Edwards, Senator John McCain, Governor Bill Richardson, and Governor Mitt Romney) can be explored in the upcoming Family Forest® 2007 Edition.

Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc., is the home of the Family Forest® Project, launched in 1995. The Family Forest® is A People-Centered Approach to History®, and the world’s most interconnected digital resource for exploring and teaching ancestral history. The newest state-of-the art presentation is the Family Forest® Leadership Edition, available today at


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