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Some Lion in Winter Relationships Calculated by the Family Forest December 4, 2004 (*)
Some Famous Descendants of Eleanor of Aquitaine King Philip II of France
Alan B. Shepard, Jr. 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
Aldous Huxley 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Anthony Perkins 25th great-grandson 25th great-grandson
Audrey Hepburn 22nd great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
Bette Davis 23rd great-granddaughter Half 24th great-grandniece
Brigham Young 20th great-grandson 20th great-grandson
Britney Spears 25th great-granddaughter 26th great-granddaughter
Bruce Harrison 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
Brooke Shields 25th great-granddaughter 25th great-granddaughter
Catherine Oxenberg 22nd great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
Charles Dana Gibson 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
Charles Darwin 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
Clint Eastwood 25th great-grandson 25th great-grandson
Dag Hammarskjold 23rd great-grandson 21st great-grandson
David Crosby 26th great-grandson 26th great-grandson
Elizabeth (Cady) Stanton 18th great-granddaughter 18th great-granddaughter
Ernest Hemingway 23rd great-grandson Half 24th great-grandnephew
F. Scott Fitzgerald 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
Francis Scott Key 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
Gary Boyd Roberts 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
George Orwell 21st great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
Georgia O'Keeffe 22nd great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
General Benedict Arnold 21st great-grandson Half 21st great-grandnephew
General Douglas MacArthur 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
General George Patton 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
General Robert E. Lee 18th great-grandson 18th great-grandson
Gloria Vanderbilt 20th great-granddaughter 20th great-granddaughter
Governor Howard Dean 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Humphrey Bogart 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
J. P. Morgan 20th great-grandson 20th great-grandson
Jack London 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Jane Wyatt 25th great-granddaughter 25th great-granddaughter
Jesse James 20th great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Joan Fontaine 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
Joanne Woodward 28th great-granddaughter 1st cousin 28 times removed
John D. Rockefeller 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Johnny Carson 26th great-grandson 26th great-grandson
Joseph Fiennes 24th great-grandson 24th great-grandson
Katharine Hepburn 19th great-granddaughter 19th great-granddaughter
Lee Marvin 23rd great-grandson 24th great-grandson
Leland Meitzler 24th great-grandson Half 25th great-grandnephew
Lewis Carroll 20th great-grandson 20th great-grandson
Lucille "I Love Lucy" Ball 24th great-granddaughter 24th great-granddaughter
Marilyn Monroe 24th great-granddaughter 24th great-granddaughter
Marjorie Merriwether Post 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
Mary A. (Rice) Livermore 23rd great-granddaughter Half 2nd cousin 22 times removed
Meriwether Lewis 18th great-grandson 18th great-grandson
Michael Douglas 26th great-grandson 26th great-grandson
Montgomery Clift 20th great-grandson 20th great-grandson
Napoleon 17th great-grandson 17th great-grandson
Norman Rockwell 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Olivia de Havilland 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
Oliver Platt 24th great-grandson 24th great-grandson
Orson Welles 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
Owen Wister 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Prince Emanuel Filiberto of Italy 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Prince Felipe of Spain 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Princess Alexandra of Greece 19th great-granddaughter 19th great-granddaughter
Princess Diana 22nd great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
Princess Margarita of Romania 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
Princess Victoria of Sweden 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
Queen Elizabeth II 19th great-granddaughter 19th great-granddaughter
Quincy Jones, Jr. 23rd great-grandson 23rd great-grandson
Rachel Ward 22nd great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
Ralph Fiennes 24th great-grandson 24th great-grandson
Ralph Waldo Emerson 19th great-grandson Half 20th great-grandnephew
Sarah Ferguson 22nd great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
Senator John Forbes Kerry 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Sir Winston Churchill 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Susan B. Anthony 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
Tennessee Williams 22nd great-grandson Half 23rd great-grandnephew
Walt Disney 22nd great-grandson Half 23rd great-grandnephew
Presidents, VPs, and Wives
First Lady Abigail (Smith) Adams 18th great-granddaughter 18th great-granddaughter
President John Quincy Adams 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
First Lady Ellen (Herndon) Arthur 19th great-granddaughter 20th great-granddaughter
President George Herbert Walker Bush 23rd great-grandson 24th great-grandson
President George Walker Bush 24th great-grandson 25th great-grandson
President Jimmy Carter 23rd great-grandson 24th great-grandson
Second Lady Lynne (Vincent) Cheney 30th great-granddaughter 30th great-granddaughter
President Grover Cleveland 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
Vice President George Clinton 15th great-grandson 16th great-grandson
President Calvin Coolidge 22nd great-grandson 23rd great-grandson
Vice President Charles Gates Dawes 24th great-grandson 24th great-grandson
First Lady Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower 24th great-granddaughter 24th great-granddaughter
President Gerald Ford 25th great-grandson 25th great-grandson
First Lady Lucretia (Rudolph) Garfield 21st great-granddaughter 22nd great-granddaughter
President Ulysses S. Grant 18th great-grandson 18th great-grandson
First Lady Julia (Dent) Grant 23rd great-granddaughter 23rd great-granddaughter
Vice President Hannibal Hamlin 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
First Lady Ellen (Axson) Harding 24th great-granddaughter Half 24th great-grandniece
First Lady Edith (Bolling) Harding 21st great-granddaughter 21st great-granddaughter
President Benjamin Harrison 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
President William Henry Harrison 17th great-grandson 17th great-grandson
President Herbert Hoover 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
President Thomas Jefferson 17th great-grandson 18th great-grandson
President Abraham Lincoln 21st great-grandson Half 22nd great-grandnephew
President James Monroe 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
Vice President Levi Parsons Morton 22nd great-grandson 22nd great-grandson
President Richard Nixon 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
President Franklin Pierce 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
First Lady Jane (Appleton) Pierce 18th great-granddaughter 20th great-granddaughter
Vice President James Danforth Quayle 25th great-grandson 25th great-grandson
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller 23rd great-grandson 23rd great-grandson
President Franklin D. Roosevelt 19th great-grandson 19th great-grandson
First Lady Eleanor (Roosevelt) Roosevelt 20th great-granddaughter 20th great-granddaughter
President Theodore Roosevelt 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
First Lady Edith (Carow) Roosevelt 23rd great-granddaughter 23rd great-granddaughter
President William Howard Taft 21st great-grandson 21st great-grandson
First Lady Helen (Herron) Taft 21st great-granddaughter 3rd cousin 22 times removed
President Zachary Taylor 19th great-grandson 20th great-grandson
Vice President Henry Agard Wallace 23rd great-grandson Half 24th great-grandnephew
President George Washington 16th great-grandson 16th great-grandson
(*) These relationships were calculated by software via four clicks in the fully sourced family ties in the Family Forest.
The software reports the first relationship it finds between two people; not necessarily the closest relationship.
How accurate are these relationships?
The Family Forest is a tour guide to statements and connections many experts believe to be true.
Family Forest users are encouraged to judge the validity of each source notation for themselves.

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