discover your place in history

Discover your roots in history.

The Family Forest® maps out more of the early ancestral pathways for at least two billion living people than they can see anywhere else.
Understanding the bigger picture of your ancestral heritage can be a great inspiration for you and your family. See a quick video Snippets from the Family Forest.

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If successful, your family will be networked through generation-by-generation family ties to famous celebrities and historical figures, and you will be able to give your family an enriching and inspirational gift of their family heritage.

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Family Forest® National Treasure Edition

connects more people personally through family ties to more people, places and events in human history.


Family Forest® Ancestral ebooks

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the Genealogy History guides to your fascinating and enriching ancestral heritage.

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“This work is monumental. I do not know of any other product that provides in-depth information about the family connections of as many individuals as this one.”

Dick Eastman,
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter